Supreme Exhibit
Grand Champion Bull
Senior Champion Bull
Reserve Champion Cow

SIX STAR .."Sizzles at Adelaide Royal"

Six Star Premier L14  at 12 months

2016 Adelaide Royal  

Six Star Regal L9 

Grand Champion & Junior Champion Female 
2016 Adelaide Royal 
Six Star Shanell H 25  & "Leroy" at foot 

Senior Champion Female
2016 Adelaide Royal  

Six Star Tornado L1
Senior Champion Bull  
2016 Adelaide Royal  

Six Star Eagle

Senior and Grand Champion and Supreme Speckle Park Exhibit AND in the TOP THREE at the Sydney Royal Interbreed Champions 2015 after being Jnr Champion 2014.
That's two years in a row Supreme Speckle Park and Grand Champion Bull.

Six Star Rare Commodity
Supreme and Grand Champion Bull
Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014 
  Six Star Eagle
Junior Champion Bull
Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014 
Six Star
PAIR of Bulls
Sydney Royal Easter Show 2014 

**Semen Available in both Rare Commodity and Eagle - See Sires page**


Features of this Exciting new breed of beef cattle
that compliment their Superior Carcass traits are:

A Pure British Breed. Not a composite.
Moderate birth weights.
Sleek and slick in summer with soft skin and hair and they are early to shed their winter coats.
Highly fertile-with magnificent udders & high milk flow.
Breed renowned Fault Free structures. Polled bred.
These docile cattle are a pleasure to work with, quiet and kind natured in the working yard environment -- a trait that is heritable and passed on in cross breeding programs, where it is a known fact that quite cattle have superior weight gains.
Moderate Framed and "easy doing", yet having Impressive weight gains off both Grass & Grain.
High Marbling yet perfect fat covering, again off Grass or Grain.
Incredible yielding carcasses and impressive quality fine tender eating meat go to make this breed something VERY Special in the beef business.
Hardy and tough with dark pigmented skin, Speckle Park Cattle have fewer health problems than many other breeds, eye cancer, pink eye, dystocia, and hoof problems are virtually unheard of in the breed.
Attractive, easy on the eye, their distinctive colour pattern of "SPECKLES" are readily passed onto their crossbred offspring. This enables buyers to know that with SPECKLE marked cattle they are getting at least 50% of all of the above mentioned heritable and desirable traits.This takes away the ever increasing questions "What breed is that black one?" "Is it European or British bred?" "Will it marble?" "Will it have enough fat cover?" or "Will it have too much?"
SPECKLE PARKS do more things RIGHT.

We invite you to tour our website and learn more about this amazing new breed. Join us and be part of history in the Beef Business.



Announcing the Arrival of our calves by the exciting new sire CODIAK SO LONG GEORGE 6Z.

"The future is in good hands " 

"A&W 7W"

Dam of "George" and without a doubt one of the best and leading matrons of our breed"  

Announcing our NEW SIRE from New Zealand and from the MacKenzie's famous Maungahina Stud - MAUNGAHINA KIDMANS COVE.  Amazing IMF of +8.  

Flushing with him November 2016.

DAM OF Kidmans Cove  



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